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Michigan Indian Education Council

About Us

The Michigan Indian Education Council (MIEC) is a voluntary, not-for-profit, 501c3 organization that advocates for Indian education concerns throughout the State of Michigan. The primary concern of MIEC is to provide an annual Native American Critical Issues Conference (NACIC).

Annual Conference

The NACIC serves as an opportunity for a broad range of constituents to hear about serious issues impacting Indian people and tribes in Michigan, as well as learning about best practices from professionals in various fields in a wholistic manner. 


The conference attracts a broad range of people interested in Indian education issues in Michigan, including teachers, policy makers, Indian Education Act programs, tribal schools, tribal colleges, tribal education departments, and Native American studies programs. It also includes a professional and youth track.


Participants at NACIC have experienced a transformative process and connection to our culture and histories. MIECs goal is to continue to have a lasting impact in correlation to our theme every year so that this work can be sustainably continued seven generations into the future.

Distinguished Service Award

Each year since 2004, MIEC has selected an individual or an organization to receive an MIEC distinguished service award. Recipients have included educators, community leaders, and organizations that exemplify best practices in Michigan Indian education. Award recipients are invited to provide a plenary acceptance speech during the closing ceremony at the annual conference. Recipients of this award are also entitled to a waiver of the NACIC registration fee (organizational awardees are allowed one registration waiver).

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Past Recipients

2023 Dr. Suzanne Cross

2022 Angeline Boulley 

2021 June Mamagona Fletcher

2020 Ron Yob 

2019 Bucko Teeple

2018 Frank Ettawageshik 

2017 Howard Kimewon

2016 Sharon Kota 

2015 Eva Petoskey

2014 Ziibiwing Cultural Society 

2013 Arthur Brant
2012 Joseph Webster 
2011 Linda Keway
2010 Richard Sgarlotti 
2009 Dr. George Cornell
2008 Kenny Pheasant 
2007 Paul Johnson
2006 Helen Roy 
2005 Victoria Miller
2004 Robert Van Alstine

Michigan Indian Education Council Members

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Past MIEC Presidents


2017-present Dr. Martin Reinhardt

2015-2017 Conrad Church

2010-2015 Sharon Kota

1994-2010 Paul Johnson


Bylaws of Michigan Indian Education Council

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